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Cloud Services

Cloud service experience with Azure, Google, and Amazon.


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Xamarin and Xamarin.Forms

I am a Xamarin.Forms contributor and advocate. I have conventional, mobile-based knowledge of Xamarin.Forms, but have also used it extensively to develop for macOS. Developing a desktop application using Xamarin.Forms presents its own set of challenges which have been overcome and allowed me to improve the platform for everyone.

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Asp.NET Core 2

Being able to leverage Microsoft's tools and the C# language cross-platform and hosting the web application server in an Ubuntu AWS instance is a great thing. Also, I'm a fan of the Entity Framework that is usable with .Net Core.

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Azure Vision and Voice. Exploring Capabilities.

For my presentation at Microsoft's 2019 Global Azure Bootcamp I will be discussing some of Azure's Cognitive services. Specifically, I will be covering the Vision and Voice services. This project is the foundation of my talk; combining my experience in Xamarin.Forms with the Azure Cognitive libraries for a full-experience demo. Be sure to check out the closest Azure Bootcamp event to you!

Source Code 2019 Global Azure Bootcamp
Global Azure Bootcamp

PPT Passenger. Always right on time.

PinPoint Transit's Passenger App is designed for Clarion University students that use the public bus system. Like any system, the bus is rarely on time, whether it be early or late. This app alleviates that concern by allowing passengers to see live data of where the bus is and when it should arrive at any assigned pickup.

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