Recent Technologies Used

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Xamarin and Xamarin.Forms

I am gaining the Xamarin certifications, and am very much enjoying what Xamarin has to offer. This journey began when I was assigned a project that involved making a Xamarin.Forms for Mac application and having to learn quickly. Now I'm going back for the finer details and to get my certification as a Xamarin Developer.

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React JS

Cool, small library for making web components and for straight-forward data binding.

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XCode and Swift 4

While I'm still a little wet behind the ears for the latest features of Swift, I have a foundational understanding of the language. I am comfortable creating basic iOS and macOS applications using XCode and Swift.

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Microsoft's cloud services. I like the solutions and have used Functions, CosmosDB, Storage, and Web Apps. This website is even moved from AWS to a Web Apps solution now.

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Visual Studio

I used Visual Studio 2012 when developing in C# and C++ my freshman and sophomore years of college. Having begun working in a "Microsoft Shop" in 2017, I can say I enjoy and am comfortable with VS again.

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Asp.NET Core 2

Being able to leverage Microsoft's tools and the C# language cross-platform and hosting the web application server in an Ubuntu AWS instance is a great thing. Also, I'm a fan of the Entity Framework that is usable with .net Core.

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HTML 5 Icon


HTML 5 is opening the possibilities for the future of web applications. As a part of the team that developed an HTML 5 based web calendar, I have seen the possibilities first-hand.

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What makes websites B-E-A-U-tiful. I am fairly confident in my base CSS knowledge, but bootstrap allows me to focus on what matters - functionality.

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It's great to do things by hand, but when powerful technologies are available to improve production speed and quality everyone should use them. jQuery is just one example of a beneficial technology I use for any web app or static site which uses javascript to manipulate the DOM.

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Java Icon


Java is the write once, run anywhere language that most software engineers think of when "Object-Oriented" is brought up in conversation. I have used Java for developing server-side engines, and dedicated desktop applications. While not the most efficient language, it is typically stable, reliable, and there's always "a class for that."

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I have used Struts2 to easily transfer data between a server and a client JSP. It has made developing forms and carrying field data back and forth from server to client a breeze.

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Git Logo


Git is a version-control software that helps developers, particularly in teams, track issues/tasks and manage/merge code. I use git for every project I work on, as well as for all my own personal projects.

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Angular 4 Icon

Angular 4

Angular 4 is my new go-to front-end web framework for implementing any web application that is driven primary by API interaction for persistence and data retrieval. Having only spent a little over a week learning it in December 2017, I am confident in their terminology and conventions.

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Kotlin Logo


Kotlin is a great language that compiles to Java bytecode and allows cleaner code with its class extensions, native libraries, and lambda support.

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IntelliJ Icon


IntelliJ IDEA by JetBrains is the most impressive IDE I have seen so far. It has built in tools that most other IDEs, such as Eclipse, do not have. Well worth the price on it. But, if you are a student and using it for education, they provide it for free!

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